* 1. Which category describes your status? (Check all that apply)

* 2. Which base do you (or military spouse) work/attend school on?

* 5. Do you have dependents under the age of 18 living with you?

* 6. If yes, what category does he/she/they fall under? (check all that apply)

* 7. Where do you currently live?

* 8. How do you find out about events on base? (Check all that apply)

* 9. How frequently do you use each of the social media applications listed below for personal reasons?

  Multiple Times a Day Once or Twice a Day Weekly Monthly Rarely Never

* 10. How would you rank our new website, www.lifeatthemax.us?

* 11. When it comes to taking advantage of base facilities/events offered by the 42d FSS, what influences your decision?

* 12. How can we improve communication about events and activities on base?

* 13. Please rate your level of agreement with the following statements:

  Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
I receive information about events and activities in a timely manner
The events and activities provided on base meet my needs and/or the needs of my family
I am satisfied with the events and activities offered on base
My overall impression of the activities and services offered on base is a positive one
I prefer to use facilities on base
I am likely to recommend FSS activities and services to others

* 14. If you answered that you strongly disagree with any of the statements above, please provide an explanation?

* 15. Please rank the following qualities in order of importance to you (1 being most important)

* 16. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?

* 17. Fill out the information below to be entered to win one of the weekly prizes. Note: Your information will only be used for prizes. The survey is completely anonymous, the information you provide below is not attached to your answers in the survey.