Welcome to the 2021 LCA Residents Survey

The Livable Communities Act, or LCA, is a grant program through the Metropolitan Council, the regional planning agency for the Twin Cities, that provides funding for housing developments. If you're taking this survey, you are living in a building that LCA helped fund.
We are asking you these questions so we can better understand what residents like you want so in the future we can fund projects that include what is important to you.
The survey will ask about your current living situation, previous living situation, what you like or dislike about your building or neighborhood, and how you get to work and other destinations.
Your responses are important to us. We are not asking for your name, and we are not offering your responses to your property management. Because this data is public, we will have to share general results if asked. We will not be sharing any information that is specific to the building you live in to make sure that your responses are private.
Answering these questions should take about 15 minutes. At the end of the survey, you will get a link to fill out your address to get a $15 gift card. Giving your address will not be linked to your answers in any way – we will not be able to know what you said based on your address.
Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about this survey or LCA work.
Maia Guerrero-Combs, LCA Planner: maia.guerrero-combs@metc.state.mn.us
Hannah Gary, LCA Senior Planner: hannah.gary@metc.state.mn.us