Where next for law reform?

This survey provides Australians with the opportunity to make comments on potential law reform topics or suggest an area of law they believe is in need of reform.
You do not need to answer all of the questions in this survey. Only questions marked by an asterisk require a response in order for you to continue with the survey. 

PLEASE NOTE If you wish to exit the survey part way through, please click 'next' to save any information you have entered on that page and then click 'Exit' in the top right corner to have your partial response sent to the ALRC.

A Word version of our survey is available to download here if you are unable to use the online survey tool or would like to view the questions in advance.

As responses to this survey provide the evidence base for potential law reform projects, the ALRC may draw on the survey responses and quote from them or refer to them in publications. Responses to this survey will be considered to be in the public domain. Click here for further details about how the ALRC handles requests for access to information. 

If you wish to make a confidential contribution, please email reformpriorities@alrc.gov.au.