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In early 2019, Council began trialling treatments in 11 laneways across three Palmerston suburbs to assess if the measures taken will help discourage anti-social behaviour in these areas.

These trials are well underway and following community feedback, Council is continuing with the trials by either retaining the treatments or modifying the treatments by adding either temporary full-time or night-time closures to seven of the laneways included in the trial. Council has also added two additional laneways to the night-time closures trial:

Bonson Terrace to Staghorn Court, Moulden
Altair Court to Capella Court, Woodroffe.
In addition to the existing trials, Council would now like to hear from residents about implementing a trial in another series of laneways.  Some of the laneways being considered are:
McInnis Circuit to President Park, Driver
Bailey Circuit to President Park, Driver
Driver Avenue to Burnett Court, Driver
Tilston Avenue to Caladium Court, Moulden
Emery Avenue to Astrolabe Court, Woodroffe
Wye Court to Alidade Crescent, Woodroffe
Sibbald Crescent to Gunter Circuit, Woodroffe
Sibbald Crescent to Geoid Park, Woodroffe
Shortrede Court, Woodroffe
Castor Court to Temple Terrace, Woodroffe
Altair Court to Capella Court, Woodroffe
Capella Court to Temple Terrace, Woodroffe
Zenith Circuit to Star Court, Woodroffe
Sextant Court to Harrison Circuit, Woodroffe
Strawbridge Crescent to Chung Wah Terrace, crossed with Cobham Court to Lockwood Court.
Once your feedback is gathered by Council, and depending on residents’ views, new trial treatments will be considered by Council in March 2020.

This survey has been designed to gather targeted and effective data on each laneway involved in the current laneway treatment trial. To provide specific feedback on more than one laneway, you can identify a different laneway and complete the survey again. Please note, repeated surveys on the same laneway from the same person will not be valid.

Any private information will not be made available to a third party or used in any way except as specified in the survey.

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* 1. What suburb do you live in?

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* 4. If yes, how close do you live to the laneway?

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* 6. Why or why not?

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* 7. Why would you like this laneway to be included in the laneway treatment trial?

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* 8. Do you think any of the following laneway treatments would be effective in this laneway?

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* 10. If yes, why and where?

General comments

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* 11. Please use the text box below to provide any other comments about the trial or laneways

Contact details 

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* 12. Please provide your contact details below

If you would like to discuss the consultation or have any other questions relating to the trial, please contact Council by: 

Phone: 08 8935 9922
Thank you
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