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Lambeth Council has worked with a variety of partners including the statutory and voluntary sector to develop its Borough Plan priorities of:

inclusive growth
reducing inequalities
maintaining strong and sustainable neighbourhoods  

The Council is now seeking to reinvigorate its relationship with Lambeth's wider Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) in order to work with the sector to realise these objectives.

The Council have therefore commissioned Equinox to  consult with the sector on their needs.  This consultation aims to gather the views of organisations on the support they require, to make an effective contribution towards these goals.

The consultation will result in the development of a strategy that focuses on:

 Building relationships, networks and trust between VCS organisations
 Helping VCS organisations to be resilient, especially in light of public sector funding reductions
 Leveraging funding and resources into the Borough
 Ensuring the VCS has a voice and is able to represent their communities in strategic partnerships
Please participate by responding to this survey: deadline 18 May 2017. It will take you 15 minutes to complete.
An analysis of your views will be presented at a Borough wide VCS conference on 15 June 2017, to which you will be invited.
Thank you for taking part in the VCS survey. Your feedback is important.