Wednesday, August 23

To begin, please rate the following general and concurrent sessions that you attended on Wednesday, August 23.

* 1. Opening General Session


* 2. Water and Wastewater: Needs, Trends and Investment

* 3. Forming Partnerships for Rural Economic Development

* 4. Inspiring Intentional Inclusion: The Women Leading Government Movement is Underway. What Elected Officials Need to Know, Why They Should Care, and How They Can Take Action

* 5. Public Records, Public Meetings and Communications in the Social Media Age: What You Need to Know as an Elected Official

* 6. Autonomous Vehicles: The Changing Economic Landscape and How Arizona Cities Can be at the Fore of New Economic Trends


* 7. City and Town Youth Councils: The Steps Needed to Create and Maintain a Successful Youth Program in Your Municipality

* 8. Update on Important Legislative Issues from Past Sessions: Where Are They Now and How Are They Currently Impacting Your City and Town

* 9. The Basics of Analyzing Your City/Town Budget: What Elected Officials Need to Know and Knowing the Right Questions to Ask Your Staff

* 10. Increasing Jobs and Growth: Driving Economic Development through Travel and Tourism

* 11. Sustainable Cities and Towns: Reducing Costs, Attracting Business, and Improving Quality of Life

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