Cayman Islands Development Plan

Planning Statement Public Consultation Feedback 2024

This Planning Statement is formulated under the Development and Planning Act (2021 Revision) (the "Act"). The Development Plan (the "Plan") is intended to be a long-range comprehensive plan to guide physical development and the overall use of land in the Cayman Islands and is comprised of the following components:
  • Planning Statement
  • Area Plans
  • Zoning Map & Regulations
In accordance with Section 11 of the Act, the Central Planning Authority (the "CPA") has published the first component, the draft Planning Statement for public consultation. Your input holds immense value in shaping the future trajectory of development in our islands. We welcome written objections and/or representations and expressions of your thoughts and ideas, with a submission deadline set for AUGUST 06, 2024. We look forward to and value your contributions to the public feedback process.

Upon conclusion of the consultation period, all objections and representations will be forwarded to the Minister of Planning for consideration by a Development Plan Appeals Tribunal. The Tribunal will carefully review all submissions and subsequently compile a comprehensive report. In adherence to the Act and our commitment to transparency and inclusivity, the CPA will thoughtfully consider this report prior to presenting the finalised Planning Statement to Parliament. Prior to submission to Parliament, if, as a result of any objection or representation made or public inquiry held, and unless directed otherwise by the Cabinet, the CPA may consult further with any authority or person as it sees fit.

We, the CPA, warmly invite you to review the draft Planning Statement. Written expressions of feedback are also welcome at or any of our offices. Your input is highly valued.