The purpose of this form is for official participants to place an order for ID badges or camping passes for the Koroneburg Renaissance Festival.

In order to be eligible for an ID badge or Camping pass you must have submitted a Koroneburg staff/participant application and be on an official gate list for one of our guilds, vendors or other groups.

Once this form is submitted we will generate a Paypal Invoice that will be sent to you by e-mail. Once that invoice is paid and all documents are received we will issue your ID badge and Camping pass which can be picked up at the ticket booth during the scheduled office hours.

If you have any questions, or need to know the office hours, please contact our Participant Services Manager at

ID Badges
ID Card (Required for all participants ages 7+) $5.00
Koroneburg 2018 Lanyard $2.00
Koroneburg Lanyard (No Year Listed) $1.00
Koroneburg 2018 Pin $5.00
Koroneburg 2018 Pendant $5.00
Lost ID Replacement $5.00

Camping Passes
Full Run - 5 Weekends - Ages 13+ $50.00
Full Run - 5 weekends - Ages 7-12 $18.00
Full Run - 5 weekends - Ages 0-6 N/A
Family Package - Full Run - 5 Weekends  
     First Individual $50.00
     Other Adults Ages 18+ $36.00
     Children Ages 7-17 $17.00
Single Weekend - Ages 13+ $15.00
Single Weekend - Ages 7-12 $10.00
Single Weekend - Ages 0-6 N/A

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* 1. Email Address (For the Paypal Invoice)

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Pin and Pendant

Pin and Pendant
Work For Camping

With the Work for Camping Program, you can work off your camping pass by signing up for 6 hours of volunteer work before and/or during the Festival. For more information go to

Please only select the Work For Camping ticket if you intend to sign up for the Work for Camping Program.

If you are working off some of your camping passes, but not all of them, then choose the number of passes being worked off in this category, and the remainder that are not being worked off in the paid category.
Paid Camping Passes

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* 7. Please enter the names for all ID badges being ordered. Separate names with a comma (John Smith, Mary Smith, etc.)

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* 8. Please enter the names for all Camping Passes being ordered. If it is the same as the ID badges simply enter "same".

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* 9. Which Gatelist(s) will the above names be listed on?

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* 10. Will you be participating in the work for camping program?

If so, you can sign up at the following address:

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* 11. Will you require space in tent city?

(No Non-period tents are allowed in the village. All non-period tents must be in tent city. Period tents are only allowed in approved areas.)