I want my forthcoming book, KID FOOD, to be as relevant as possible to YOU, my readership, so I'm in the process of collecting reader feedback and anecdotes. In answering these questions, you can draw upon your present or past parenting experiences, and by doing so, you give me permission to possibly quote some of your responses in the book. Any quotes would be anonymous, using only the general  information you provide (like, "a mom of two in Cleveland, Ohio"), unless you also care to share your name. THANK YOU!  :-)

EDITED on 1/29/18 TO ADD: I wrote this survey with parents in mind, but several people without kids asked if they can participate and I'd love to hear from you, too. So I edited the first question to allow a "not a parent" response, but if you want to answer any of the questions numbered 5-9, just make clear in at least one of the answers the basis for your observations, like "I don't have kids, but as an uncle to three nephews, I've seen . . ."  Thank you! 

* 1. First, a little information about you. Are you a:

* 2. How many kids do you have? (Skip if not applicable)

* 3. Where do you live?  (City and state)

* 4. OK, now my questions.  First, when you hear the term "kid food," what particular foods and/or drinks come to mind? Please list a few of them. 

* 5. Are you bothered by the amount of "kid food" in your child's daily life, or is it no big deal? Please share your thoughts:

* 6. In what aspects of your child's daily life is he/she typically offered "kid food?" List as many activities or environments as are relevant.

* 7. When your child exhibits "picky eating" behavior at mealtimes, do you ever substitute "kid food" items as an alternative? If yes, please describe how often this happens, how you feel about it, and any other thoughts you'd like to share.  (Feel free to skip this question if it's not applicable to your child.)

* 8. Do you feel the availability of "kid food" in your child's daily life has any effect on his/her acceptance of healthier foods like fruits and vegetables? If your answer is yes, please elaborate.

* 9. If you have any other thoughts about "kid food" or just general thoughts or concerns about your child's daily food environment, I'd love to hear them! Please share below.

* 10. OPTIONAL:  If you're willing to have your name appear in the book in connection with any quotes I might use, please share it here. And if you're willing to be contacted by me via email should I want to talk to you further about any of your responses, please also add your email address.