The City of Kansas City, MO is conducting a comprehensive update to the Bicycle Master Plan, Bike KC. Please take a few moments to share your thoughts on bicycling in Kansas City, MO today and what improvements the plan should address. 

More information on the Bicycle Master Plan process can be found at

Thank you for providing input for the Bicycle Master Plan.

* 1. To what degree do you agree or disagree with the following statement, "In Kansas City, bicycling is safe, convenient, and practical."

* 2. To what degree do you agree or disagree with the following statement, "I feel safe riding my bicycle in Kansas City."

* 3. How often do you ride a bicycle?

* 4. What is your primary reason for bicycling?

* 5. Where are you comfortable riding a bicycle in Kansas City, MO today? (select all that apply)

* 6. What prevents you from bicycling more? Rank all that apply.

  Not a concern Low concern Moderate concern High concern N/A
Aggressive / speeding drivers
Lack of dedicated bicycle facilities (such as bike lanes) on city roads
I don't know the best route
Bicycle facilities don't connect
There are not enough bicycle facilities (bike lanes, bike share stations) near transit
There is not enough space on transit for my bike
Physical roadway conditions are not safe (potholes, inlet grates, lane markings, debris, etc.)
Intersections are too wide / busy
Poor street lighting at night
Physical barriers (railroads, rivers, hills, highways)
My destination is too far away or I don't have enough time
Lack of bike racks at my destination
Concerned about personal hygiene / Nowhere to shower after riding
Weather (rain, heat, cold, snow)
Concerned about personal safety (street harassment, dogs, etc.)
Personal ability (physical limitation or don't know how to ride a bicycle)
Ability to afford a bicycle

* 7. What type of bicycle rider would you classify yourself as?

* 8. Are you familiar with rules of the road as they relate to bicyclists?

* 9. What is your primary mode of transportation?

* 10. Do you own a vehicle?

* 11. Do you have access to a vehicle if you need to drive somewhere?

* 12. What zip code do you live in?

* 13. In your neighborhood, what road would you like to see some type of bicycle facility (such as a bicycle lane)?

* 14. What zip code do you work or go to school in?

* 15. Outside of your neighborhood, where would you like to see some type of bicycle facility (KCMO only)

* 16. Where are improvements in bicycling most needed in Kansas City?

* 17. What is your age?

* 18. With which gender do you identify?

* 19. With which race / ethnicity do you identify?

* 20. If you would like to receive email notifications about events related to the KCMO Bicycle Master Plan effort, please provide your email address below: