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We're all in this together....and working together we can build a great future for chemistry!

As an ACS member you know what you need and want from ACS as a member and as a chemistry aligned professional. I am honored to be running for ACS President elect. I take that responsibility seriously - and if elected by you I want to be sure I am doing all I can to advocate for and support initiatives to help all members!  THANK YOU for your insights! Check out more about me at!  AND PLEASE VOTE! YOUR VOICE IS IMPORTANT!

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* 1. Do you belong to a local section, division or are you a committee member?

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* 2. How long have you been an ACS member?

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* 3. I have spoken and written about 4 key themes I will work to achieve if elected to the ACS Presidential succession. Please let me know how important you believe each theme is to help YOU and all ACS members achieve their full potential in their careers.

  Not Important Somewhat Important Important Very Important
Achieving diversity, inclusion, justice, equity and respect in all its forms as the bedrock upon which all ACS initiatives must be built and measured to ensure all people can contribute to the fullest extent to technical solutions to global challenges, while building meaningful careers and living fulfilling lives.
Innovation and Career Development as the basis to build highly relevant programming to bring together students/student chapters with industrial mentors; work to rebuild industrial membership including reaching out to start-ups and demonstrating the value of ACS membership for chemists and the ventures that employ them; and ensuring everyone knows ACS is the place to network with today’s innovators.
Connectivity using virtual and hybrid platforms to help and engage all members e.g. with programs on themes important to chemists/chemistry throughout the year; conducting forums on key topics important to members; networking for skill development/job opportunities; building a Virtual ACS Speaker Service to bring more diverse speakers to our Local Sections.
Sustainability programming and advocacy e.g. increasing support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with international thematic programming aligned with Division/Committee/Local Section goals; exploring opportunities for co-sponsored programming with other professional societies so ACS can multiply the impact of sustainability globally.

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* 4. To help me understand how to best support members and implement Presidential Programming, if elected, what do you believe the future of a virtual platform should be for all ACS meetings?

  Not Important Important Very Important Must Have
 All ACS Meetings should be built with fully hybrid components for both virtual and face-to-face at all sessions.
All ACS meetings should have at least some sessions as virtual only on request from the programming entity with face-to-face being the dominant format.
All ACS meetings should have mostly virtual components with some face-to-face as needed, for example for social events.
ONLY ACS National Meetings should have ACS sponsored hybrid or virtual capability available.

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* 5. So that if I am elected to the presidential succession I am sure to put my efforts WHERE YOU WANT THEM TO BE for ACS and all our members, what do you believe are the most important roles for an ACS President?

  Not Important Somewhat Important Important Very Important
Advocate for Chemistry
Be visible among members
Work with other professional societies to help toward greater and common goals for all STEM fields
Develop and support programming
Advocate for the needs of Divisions and Local Sections at the ACS Board of Directors
Write blogs and opinion pieces to communicate with members
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