Message from the 2018-2019 JPPSS Calendar Committee

The Jefferson Parish Public School System’s Calendar Committee met on November 29th and December 18th for the purpose of creating academic calendar options aligned with our vision to foster the best–educated generation our parish has ever seen. The committee’s focus remained student achievement and increased instructional minutes before statewide testing. The committee also considered the number of contractual days of our teachers, Bulletin 741, Parent Teacher Conference Days, the statewide assessment schedule, and holidays. 

Three calendar options were developed for your feedback. Please complete the attached survey to provide your feedback on the calendar options.


Calendar Committee

2018-2019 Calendar Committee Members

Lynn Alello

Ted Beasley

Michelle Biagas

Viola Callier

Kesler Camese-Jones

Denise Carpenter

Ladinah Carter

Sarah Caruso

Karina Castillo

Andrea Chauvin

Christina Conforto

Debra Cooper

Claire Delerno

Yvette Dietrich

Chuck DiLauro

Joy Garrison
Billie Gassen

Matthew Gibson

Patrick Giles

Germaine Gilson

Christie Gomez 

Cathy Johnson

Terri Joia

Donna Joseph

Meredith Lagasse

Kevin Lusignan

Darlene Manson

Cristin Menyweather

Sandra Newsham

Charles Ochello

Brittany Orr

Michele Osteen
Suzette Perrin

Mark Perry

Shannon Powell

Lisa Savage

Amy Schayot

Annette Scully

LaDonna Smith

Sabrina Smith

Valliery Stanton

JoLynn Tompson

Latonga Toney

Darlene Turnbull

Carolyn Van Norman

Andrew Vincent

Gretchen Williams