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Originally discovered by Brand in 1669, elemental phosphorus exists in which three generalized forms?

Shina C. L. Kamerlin, Pankaz K. Sharma, Ram B. Prasad and Arieh Warshel (2013), Why nature really chose phosphate. Quarterly Reviews of Biophysics.

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In the article 'Data mining: past, present and future ', which example is a popular extension of graph mining?

Frans Coenen (2011). Data mining: past, present and future. The Knowledge Engineering Review, 26,

* 3.

In the article "Caffeine content variation in single green Arabica coffee seeds", seeds from open-pollinated C. arabica plants were used for caffeine content analyses. Which one of these cultivars were the seeds collected from?

Paulo Mazzafera and Maria Bernadete Silvarolla (2010). Caffeine content variation in single green Arabica coffee seeds. Seed Science Research, 20, pp 163-167.

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