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* 1.

One effective means to infer learner noticing of feedback during task based interaction is through __________________

Laura Gurzynski-Weiss and Melissa Baralt (2014). EXPLORING LEARNER PERCEPTION AND USE OF TASK-BASED INTERACTIONAL FEEDBACK IN FTF AND CMC MODES . Studies in Second Language Acquisition, 36, pp 1-37.

* 2.

According to a 2010 China Daily article, the number of English learners in China is now around ________ million, approximately one third of China’s population

Kingsley Bolton and David Graddol (2012). English in China today. English Today, 28, pp 3-9

* 3.

What do Plato’s Protagoras, Hobbes and Mill all have in common, apart from being featherless bipeds?

Christopher Miles Coope (2015). Making Morality Intelligible. Philosophy, 90 pp403-455

* 4.

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