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In the article 'The System Worked: Global Economic Governance during the Great Recession', which is not the reason that global economic governance has failed?

Daniel W. Drezner (2014). The System Worked: Global Economic Governance during the Great Recession. World Politics, 66, pp 123 - 164.

* 2.

Since 2007, the MIIT banned the export of the raw form of dysprosium, terbium, thulium and ____, but not their refined forms.

Charles Kilby (2014).China's Rare Earth Trade: Health and the
Environment. The China Quarterly, 218, pp. 540-550.

* 3.

Government officials, non-profit agencies and grass roots organizations have spent considerable time and energy trying to spur participation among the post- ____________cohort on Civil engagement.

Molly W. Andolina, Krista Jenkins, Cliff Zukin and Scott Keeter (2003). Habits from Home, Lessons from School: Influences on Youth Civic Engagement. Political Science and Politics, pp 275-280.

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