Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback regarding the proposed boundary options. Boundary changes have been proposed throughout Jordan School District to open new schools and to address shifting enrollment. We encourage you to visit boundary.jordandistrict.org to review the information posted there before completing this survey.

The feedback you submit through this survey will be reviewed by District staff. A summary report of the overall results and results by school and by neighborhood, as well as a copy of each open-ended response will also be provided to and carefully reviewed by the Board of Education.

On October 23, the Board will review the results of the survey and accept public comment in an open meeting at Riverton High School beginning at 4:00 p.m. More details regarding this meeting will be sent in the coming weeks. The Board has scheduled time on October 24 to make possible adjustments to the boundary options based on the feedback they receive. If a new option is developed after feedback is received though the survey, the public will have time to comment on the changes before a final decision is made. A final vote on boundary changes is currently scheduled to take place in an open Board Meeting on November 13.

Please note that you must enter your contact information at the beginning of the survey before proceeding.

Thank you again for sharing your feedback!