Information for Individual Members

Please read and agree to the following information before filling out the Individual membership form.
Who can become an Individual Member of Scarlet Alliance?

Scarlet Alliance welcomes membership from sex workers, past and present, in Australia, who support and agree to the Scarlet Alliance values, mission statement, and purpose and abide by our Constitution. Sex industry business owners, managers and receptionists, as well as those who have control over another sex worker’s sex work, are not eligible for membership, even if they are or have been sex workers themselves.
What does membership to Scarlet Alliance entitle me to?
Scarlet Alliance is not a service delivery organisation. We are the national peak sex worker organisation working towards improved sex worker rights. By becoming a member of Scarlet Alliance, you are assisting us to strengthen our representation of sex worker issues from around Australia at a national level. Your experience as a sex worker informs Scarlet Alliance policy, advocacy and representation work. Your contribution strengthens our understanding of issues affecting you and the sex worker community.
Representation, Disclosure and Confidentiality.
Individual membership does not endorse, empower, or necessitate you to represent or speak on behalf of Scarlet Alliance. Representation roles are elected positions and are determined at each National Forum. Scarlet Alliance does not use the names or details of individual members publicly. Scarlet Alliance represents the sex worker community including members in Australia, but does not release membership lists to the public. You should be aware however that Scarlet Alliance is an incorporated organisation, and as such the membership list is accessible to other members of Scarlet Alliance. As with all instances of association with the sex industry, for your own confidentiality and disclosure control, we advise you to use a name that you are personally comfortable with others knowing you by.