1. Jefferson Elementary Staff Survey

1. I am a

2. What is your HIGHEST level of education?

3. How many TOTAL years have you been teaching?

4. The curriculum at our school is based on clearly defined learning standards.

5. The staff uses a variety of teaching strategies and learning activities to help students learn.

6. The staff provides instructional activities that involve students in their learning.

7. The staff collaboratively develops instructional activities to help students learn across different subject areas.

8. The staff holds high expectations for student learning.

9. The staff motivates students to do their best.

10. In my class, in addition to written tests, students are provided with different types of assessments.

11. School rules apply equally for all students.

12. School discipline is appropriately maintained at our school.

13. There is clear, strong leadership from the principal.

14. Our Principal is visible around the building.

15. I am informed on what is going on at Jefferson Elementary.

16. I feel the building has effective communication.

17. Our school has a clear mission and goals that provide our staff with a common purpose and sense of direction.

18. Our school is committed to continuous improvement focused on improving student learning.

19. A culture of accountability is evident in our school.

20. Our school uses data and research to make informed decisions.

21. The staff is involved in making important decisions that impact the quality of the teaching and learning process.

22. Positive working relationships between teachers and administrators are supported in our school through mutual respect and effective communication.

23. In my classroom, I provided reading instruction in guided reading groups.

24. In my classroom, I use Writer's Workshop to promote and improve achievement in writing.

25. I strategically taught math vocabulary to improve achievement in the area of math and problem solving.

26. The students in my class worked in math problem solving journals:

27. I use math manipulatives, regularly, when teaching math concepts in my class.

28. I feel that the math power standard assessments benefits students.

29. I use web-based applications such as ZEARN, Starfall, Raz Kids to further instruction in the core curriculum areas.

30. The MTSS programs (Rocket Readers, Oral Language, etc.) supported my at-risk students.

31. The pull out Math Intervention Program  supported my at-risk students.

32. The Special Staff intervention blocks supported my at-risk students.

33. Which strategies do you think were most effective in your classroom?

34. What specific suggestions do you have to improve our current programming?

35. Do you feel you have the opportunity to grow professionally?

36. What suggestions do you have for Professional Development for next year that will support our programming?

37. What do you feel is working well with PLC's? (Be specific)

38. What is at least one suggestion for improving PLC time? (Be specific)

39. I feel I receive enough support for my at-risk students.

40. I feel I receive enough support with students who have behavior issues.

41. What are some suggestions you have in regards to interventions for the 2017-2018 school year?

42. I feel that Grade Level Intervention Meetings (GLIMs) were productive.

43. What activities are you willing to plan and implement outside of school hours that will assist our at-risk
students? (such as Family Game Night, Homework Club, etc.)

44. Other comments/suggestions.