The precinct official plays a critical role in a successfully run election. This individual is the face of the election to the voters and is the first to handle problems that may occur. Serving as a precinct official requires an impartial, calm approach to handling stressful situations.
Election day is a long but rewarding day. Polls open at 6:30AM and extend through the closing procedures and cleanup after the polls close at 7:30PM. Precinct officials oversee voting activity at the polling places for the entire day, while ensuring that they interact with the public in an impartial and professional manner. Precinct officials must be able to quickly assess situations and formulate solutions to ensure smooth operations at the polling place. They also enforce Election Laws.
Mandatory training is provided and is vital to the success of every precinct official.
• Be a registered voter in Jackson County (if the applicant is registered to vote in a different jurisdiction their application will be forwarded);
• Must not hold any elective office or be a candidate for election, OR hold any office in a state, congressional district, county or precinct political party/organization, OR be the treasurer/manager of such party/organization;
• Be able to able to act in a professional, impartial, non-partisan and non-political manner;
• Be able to decipher information provided by voters;
• Be able to attend all required training sessions;
• Ensure elections are fair and accurate; and
• Be available for any post-election matters, where the precinct official is needed, such as recounts, audits or election protests.
• Ability and knowledge to use computers, including opening and closing procedures for voting machines, using laptops and printers for elections applications, voter look-ups, etc.;
• Ability to provide information to voters;
• Ability to express oneself clearly and effectively in verbal and written form;
• Ability to organize and direct the activities of a polling place; and
• Ability to lift or move voting machines, precinct supply boxes and other materials.
• $11/hour plus meal allowance; and $30 per training class
• Primary Election – May 05,2018; General Election – November 06,2018
• Attend a minimum of two 2 hour training sessions
• Election day hours for precinct officials run from 6:00AM to 8:30PM but may vary by precinct. Eight hour shifts are also available
• Provides a beneficial addition to your résumé as this work experience is highly valued by prospective employers

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* 6. Are you a registered voter in Jackson County?

* 7. Are you able to attend at least (1) two hour training class?

* 8. Do you have transportation to and from a polling place on Election Day?

* 9. I am able to lift at least 30lbs

* 10. I am able to work from 6:00am to at least 8:00pm on Election Day