Jaywick Sands - what next?

Aerial photo of Jaywick Sands with inset images showing recent successful projects

Jaywick Sands is seeing a lot of positive change. Local residents, community groups, Tendring District Council, Essex County Council and many other partners are all leading fantastic projects making a real difference.

But Jaywick Sands still has some big challenges, now and in the future. Tendring District Council has been working to develop a long-term plan to tackle these big issues. This is called the Jaywick Sands Place Plan and will be  a planning and regeneration framework to help shape what we do in Jaywick Sands over the coming years.

Last year we consulted the community on our initial ideas for housing, public spaces, street improvements and more. We’ve taken your ideas and comments on board and developed a suggested strategy in response. Since then we’ve also been working on options for flood defences, following a report by the Environment Agency.

We want to know whether we’ve come up with the right approach – so please read and answer this questionnaire.

If you want to know more about the background to this project, visit www.tendringdc.gov.uk/jaywicksandsconsultations