In September 2016 the Islands Trust Council gave direction to conduct a housing needs assessment throughout the Trust Area. The study for the Northern Region has commenced. A consultant was selected through a Request for Proposals process. This survey has been prepared to gather information from all islanders to assist with the determination of what the housing needs are for each island, because while the islands have similar issues, they are all unique in their approach. This study is looking at the full spectrum of housing from full market to fully subsidized housing. We will look at the demographics, the projections for employment and consider the current actions for the provision of housing. This study will not prepare a strategy. The purpose is only to assess the housing needs.

This survey is anonymous. We only ask for which island you live on. We would like your opinions and information. It will help us to determine the needs for housing now and into the future.

* 1. On which Island do you live?

* 2. Are you a full time resident or a part time/seasonal resident?

* 3. Do you own or rent your residence?