Welcome to our survey

This survey collects experience of photo suppliers, your experience, for an overview of how IPTC photo metadata is used by photo supplier businesses in 2019 and it is supported by the associations CEPIC and DMLA and its organisation members.
The results will be presented at the IPTC Photo Metadata Conference on 6 June 2019.

This survey raises questions about your company, which kinds of metadata fields are used,  how you deal with data relevant for rights and about your strategy for using them - and it asks for your wishes. At the end it invites to share your contact data.

The labels of fields are used as defined by the IPTC Photo Metadata Standard, but we know that not each software for editing metadata uses these labels in its English version and you may use another language version.
To help to find out what this survey is asking for many questions about the use of metadata have links to the IPTC Photo Metadata User Guide. It provides a short explanation of each metadata field defined by IPTC, these explanations are grouped by typical types of fields.

Note on filling in the form: Questions prefixed with an * must be filled in, thanks.