Welcome to the Indoor Recreation Facility Reopening Survey

With the release of the BC Restart plan (https://bit.ly/2ztkhJI), RFABC is gathering information from its members to assist in the development of ideas, plans and thoughts in preparation for the reopening of indoor recreation facilities. The concept provides opportunity for staff at all levels to share their ideas and allow you to find the nuggets for your facility.

Sharing your thoughts on the cornerstones for reopening will assist the recreation community in meeting the phases outlined in the plan.  Share your ideas on:
-Physical distancing (reducing density of people)
-Engineering controls (barriers and ventilation)
-Administrative controls (rules and guidelines)
-Personal Protective equipment

This information auto-populate to a google sheet for easy access to review and serve as a resource beyond the survey deadline.  The format will allow us to filter results to different facility types or key categories.

Contributors to the survey will also receive an early access link to the survey information.

Your assistance with this survey is greatly appreciated.

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