About this survey

Ruchika Tulshyan, a Seattle-based diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategist and early-stage investor is conducting a 10 to 15-minute survey on entrepreneurs’ experience with raising venture capital. Martha Burwell, a researcher and DEI specialist, is lead researcher. 

Why is this research being conducted? 
  • To better understand the experience of, and identify barriers for, entrepreneurs; especially (but not only) those who are people of color, women, and gender diverse. 
  • To identify ways that venture capital financing can become more equitable and inclusive. Current research shows about 2% of annual VC funding goes to women, and only a tiny fraction to companies founded by women of color.

What will this research be used for?
  • Anonymized findings will be:
    • Shared in a publicly available article 
    • Utilized to help VC firms become more inclusive
  • Only the project founder (Ruchika Tulshyan) and lead researcher (Martha Burwell) will have access to the raw data. It will never be shared with anyone else.
  • We may use verbatim quotes in publication. However, we will not include names of individuals, names of startups, or other identifying information, and will do our best to ensure all identities are protected.
Who should participate?
  • Founders and co-founders of startups that:
    • Have received VC funding 2015-present
    • Are in the process of acquiring VC funding
    • Have tried but could not acquire VC funding 2015-present
What to expect: 
In this 10-15 min survey, we'll ask: 
  1. About your startup, to help with our analysis
  2. Broad questions about your experiences with VC firms
  3. A few specific questions about:
    • Meeting VCs
    • The pitch
    • Negotiation
  4. Seven quick demographic questions, also to help with analysis

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* 1. Do you consent to participate in this study?

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