Thank you for participating in our survey. inPOWER 2017 is a user conference and the agenda will be determined by the users. Your input will ensure the sessions presented are the ones in the best interest of our attendees.
This conference is being produced and designed by users like you. The boards of directors of the Infor XA, Infor LX, North American System 21 and Enterprise Integrator user groups are fully committed to bringing you the sessions that you, our fellow users, most want to see.

Your time and opinions are critical to the success of this event.

On the next few pages, we're going to ask you to rank session topics that have been submitted for approval to the inPOWER 2017 conference committee. 

Please take the time to carefully consider each topic and give us your honest opinion about whether or not the session would provide value to you. If a session is not pertinent to your line of work or you have no opinion, please feel free to skip the ranking for it.

Thank you for your time!

Question Title

Have you ever attended an IBMi user conference before?

Question Title

If yes, what was the most valuable session you attended?