1. Intro & Expectations

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You have a unique opportunity to play a key role in the success of our ministry. As a member of the student impact team, you will help cast vision for how the ministry should grow or change. You will also plan and implement a number of different events. Above all, you will grow deeper in your relationship with Christ and will be equipped with leadership skills that will help you lead not only in our ministry but also in the church as a whole. This will not be an easy task. It will require your time, your heart, and your commitment.
The application process has 3 steps.
1. This online application.

2. Three References must be submitted before July 29th.  One from each of the following areas:
  • Church - An adult volunteer in the youth ministry, a pastor, or an adult with whom you serve
  • Parent - A parent or guardian
  • Other - An employer, coach, teacher, or another adult
Here's the link to send to your references: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/impactref

3. Phone or Face-to-Face Interview
Expectations for Student Leaders
  • Active pursuit of the life Jesus Christ calls us to live
  • A desire to impact the lives of others for Christ.
  • A willingness to learn from students and staff who have gone before you.
  • Full commitment and regular attendance at student leader meetings.
  • Love and care for other members of the team.
  • Enthusiasm in pursuit of leadership in the church.

Important Dates:

July 10 - Applications Available
July 29 - Applications & References Due by midnight
August 1-8 - Phone or Face-to-Face Interviews
August 9 - Student Leaders Selection
August 17 - Student Impact Overnight @ Whitelake
September 9 (2nd Sunday) - Regular Monthly Meeting Begin @ 11AM
January 19-21 - Winter Training 
May 31-June 3 - Student Leader Wilderness Trip

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* 1. I understand that completing this application does not guarantee selection for the student impact team and that the information presented here is true, accurate and complete in its presentation.

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* 2. I understand the expectations listed above.  I have also discussed them with my parents and can meet all the dates listed.