This Survey will help to inform the development of Horry County's Comprehensive Plan, IMAGINE 2040.  A Comprehensive Plan is a local government's guide for decision making.   Participating in this survey will help your local government make decisions that will benefit your life.  This is your county, we want to hear your voice about the future.

What are the top three things you LOVE about Horry County?

How long have you been a resident in Horry County?

Horry County Communities and Incorporated Areas

Horry County Communities and Incorporated Areas

What neighborhood do you live in?

If you purchased a home in the last 10 years in Horry County, how satisfied were you with the following purchasing options?

  Very Satisfied Somewhat Satisfied Satisfied Somewhat Unsatisfied Very Unsatisfied N/A
Home Prices
Lot Sizes
Home Character Choices
Home Layout Choices
Neighborhood Design
Neighborhood Open Space and Amenities

In what ZIP code is your primary home located? (enter 5-digit ZIP code; for example, 29577 or 29579)

Are there places in Horry County that you would like to see redeveloped or reinvigorated? Please be as specific as possible and provide up to 3 answers.

What would you like the Open Space in your neighborhood or near your home to look like? (select all that apply)

What would you like future residential development in your neighborhood or near your home to look like? (select all that apply)

What would you like the future commercial development near your home to look like?

What are the top three things that Horry County Government can provide that would improve YOUR quality of life?

Horry County's population is expected to grow by approximately 100,000 people by 2040.  Knowing this information, how would you prefer to primarily accommodate future population growth? (Select all that apply)

Which features of the natural environment would you like to have protected? (please select up to three)

In the next 20 years, what do you think will be the MOST concerning issue in your community? (select all that apply)

Please provide additional information about your concerns mentioned in the previous question (What about the issue concerns you? What are your ideas for improving this issue?)

Where would you prefer to accommodate future population growth over the next 20 years? (choose at least one)

What services or amenities would you be most willing to pay extra for in the future? (please select up to 3)

Which of the following would you be most willing to volunteer your time to improve? (please select up to 3)

At times, I have been worried that I won't be able to pay for: (please check all that apply)

What is your employment status? (Choose all that apply)

What industry do you work in or would you like to work in?

How long does it take to commute to your work?

If available, are you willing to take public transportation (bus, trolley, etc) to commute to work?

How long are you willing to commute to your work?

In closing, please briefly describe your vision of what Horry County should be 20 years from now.

What is your age?