Please take just a few minutes to complete this evaluation.  The ILEAS staff reviews these evaluations very carefully every year. Your feedback - negative or positive - is always appreciated and taken very seriously when we put together the next conference.  Thank you for your time and consideration.

* 1. Overall, this was a valuable conference to attend

  Strongly Agree Agree Neither Disagree Strongly Disagree
Overall this was a valuable conference to attend
The presenters were knowledgeable and interesting
I would recommend this conference to others
This conference increased my knowledge of law enforcement mutual aid and preparedness. 

* 2. Please rate your experience in the training sessions

  Excellent Good Average Fair Poor Did not attend
Monday - Opening Session
Monday - Mental Health & First Responders
Monday - Domestic Terrorism, WMDs & IEDS
Monday - Rescue Task Force
Monday - Statewide Intelligence Update
Monday - Contemporary Command Issues
Monday - ILEAS 101
Tuesday - Tragedy & The Aftermath: July 7, 2016

* 3. What did you find most valuable from your experience at this conference?

* 4. What were the greatest strengths of this conference?

* 5. What were the areas of the greatest weakness of this conference?

* 6. Do  you have any specific comments or suggestions regarding the Crowne Plaza?

* 7. Are there any statewide law enforcement operational or technological issues that you think ILEAS can assist with?

* 8. Please provide feedback - either positive or negative - on the ILEAS staff, their behavior, professionalism, helpfulness or knowledge.

* 9. Please share any other comments, suggestions or recommendations regarding the ILEAS conference or ILEAS in general.