Survey of Dysphagia and Feeding Practices

Thank you for your interest in this survey of dysphagia and feeding practices. Your participation in this survey is entirely voluntary and you will remain anonymous at all times. Responses will be collected and collated, and subsequently published in the peer-reviewed literature.

Participation involves completing a 10-15 minute survey, which aims to ascertain what constitutes “usual care” for people with dysphagia or feeding difficulties. The survey is preliminary research and will inform the design of a randomised controlled trial of feeding interventions for infants at risk of cerebral palsy. This survey has received approval from Cerebral Palsy Alliance Human Research Ethics Committee for distribution to health professionals worldwide.

This survey is intended for qualified practicing speech pathologists/speech-language pathologists/speech therapists/speech and language therapists/feeding therapists/occupational therapists who provide services to people with dysphagia or feeding difficulties. Throughout this survey we will collectively refer to all of these disciplines as “speech pathology” and the profession as “speech pathologist” for convenience and consistency.

* 1. I wish to participate in this survey and I voluntarily consent for my responses to be anonymously collected, collated and published in peer-reviewed literature.

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