Coastline ROP Student Exit Survey

Coastline ROP is continually assessing its courses and programs. As a student, we value your input and appreciate the time you take to help us with this process.

* 1. How many ROP classes have you taken, including this class?

* 2. The primary reason I enrolled in this ROP class was (select one):

* 3. I first learned about Coastline ROP from the following source (select one):

* 4. I received further information or guidance that helped me select my ROP class from (check all that apply):

* 5. Immediately following high school graduation I plan to (choose one):

* 6. At the beginning of my ROP class I received the following forms or information (check all that apply):

* 7. My ROP class included the following real world experiences (check all that apply):

* 8. The textbooks, handouts and/or other learning materials provided by my ROP class were (check all that apply):

* 9. The technology and equipment provided by my ROP class were (check all that apply):

* 10. In my ROP class I (check all that apply):

* 11. In my ROP class I learned the following career skills (check all that apply):

* 12. My ROP teacher (check all that apply):

* 13. My ROP teacher (check all that apply):

* 14. My ROP class experience was valuable in helping me to (check all that apply):

* 15. My ROP class (select one):

* 16. I would recommend taking an ROP class to other students:

* 17. Please share anything you would like us to know about your ROP experience: