The Coastal Research and Extension Center is Mississippi State University’s “southern exposure,” linking residents of the coastal region to the university. The center’s mission is to conduct research and education programs aimed at developing a better understanding and use of renewable and nonrenewable resources in south Mississippi. Its applied research and educational programs with biological, physical and social systems focus on enhancing the quality of life of residents of Mississippi and other Gulf states. Our priorities address the specific needs of diverse communities including the health and well being of the people and responsible stewardship of unique natural resources.

This 6-point online valuation survey is limited to the assessment of economic benefits to households, industry and government institutions resulting from research, education and extension efforts of the Horticulture and Marine Economics (HME) program. The survey is a critical first step in conducting a future systematic assessment of the economic benefits resulting from this program. This online valuation survey will compile the following economic benefits received by households, private businesses, government offices and non-profit organizations resulting from the following research and extension efforts:  

   Socio-economic impacts of nursery and greenhouse automation and mechanization
   Community economic and disaster preparedness 
   Economic recovery from natural and technological disasters
   Saltwater fishing preferences of Mississippi lifetime sportsmen
   Direct marketing of food, seafood and outdoor tourism
   Economic impacts of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill
   Economic impacts of natural disasters on marine industries
   Economic impact analysis of programs and regulations
   Other horticulture, marine and coastal economic issues

Please answer all six questions at For questions asking dollar values, please put 0 if not applicable.

I truly appreciate your participation in this online valuation survey of my research and extension program.

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