The Norfolk Public Health Department (NPHD) together with community partners is distributing a Community Health Survey across Norfolk.  This survey is part of an initiative underway to continue to engage residents and community partners in a community health planning process. 

It addresses topics such as quality of life, health care, children, elderly, economic opportunity, safety, social support, stress, health issues, and risky behaviors.  The information gathered from the survey will be an important part of the health planning process. For the last two years, the health department has been working with partners to address community violence, chronic disease prevention and sexual health as a result of community feedback we received through a similar survey three years ago. 

This is an opportunity for us to check in with you to continue to understand the needs of the community related to these issues and other priorities.

Thank you for your time.
Dr. Demetria Lindsay
Health Director, Norfolk Public Health Department

17% of survey complete.