Welcome to a Survey on Healing from Sexual Violence

I want to thank you for your interest in this survey. My name is Pam F. Engelbert, PhD, and I am a researcher/author who is ordained with the Assemblies of the God. I have created this survey as part of a research-writing project that is being conducted among pentecostals/Charismatics who have experienced sexual violence. The purpose of this study is to gain insight into the healing experiences of pentecostal /Charismatic survivors of sexual assault. This insight will be used to help develop a more effective theology of healing for pentecostals/Charismatics, which will assist in improving congregational care while seeking to offer hope for survivors.

This survey begins with a screening questionnaire of 15 questions to determine your eligibility for this research project. If you qualify, you will be invited to continue the survey by answering several open-ended questions about your healing experience from sexual violence. Unless you choose to identify yourself, your identity will remain hidden from the researcher.

You can only take the survey once, but you can edit your responses until the survey is closed on July 30, 2021. Questions marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

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