Welcome to the 2017 Hawkes Bay Hospitality Awards
Celebrating 10 years, the Restaurant Association is proud to present the 2017 Hawkes Bay Hospitality Awards.

Outstanding hospitality staff will be officially recognised by their peers and will be honoured for their outstanding commitment to the Hawke's Bay Region.

There’s some fancy industry wizardry (with robots and humans) to ensure there’s no funny business with the votes. In addition to that though, there are just a few rules in place to make sure it’s fair to everyone.

Voting Information
Voting is open to hospitality industry members ONLY – you will be asked to specify your workplace to verify you are an industry member.

Key Dates for Voting
  • Voting open from 10.00am on Tuesday, 11 July
  • Voting close at 5.00pm on Sunday, 30 July
How many times can we Vote?
  • Once! Each industry member can fill out one voting form per person;
  • Establishments can submit a maximum of five nomination forms, this means only five staff from your workplace can vote;
  • Multiple votes over and above the five from one IP address will be disregarded;
  • No individual is entitled to vote for yourself or the establishment you work for;
  • You must currently be employed in the Hospitality industry in Hawkes Bay to vote.
How many categories do I need to Vote for?
There is no restriction on the number of categories you need to vote for, but it is preferable for you to nominate in 7 or more categories.

The Hawkes Bay Hospitality Awards are run in a spirit of good will, high-fiving those who do a great job! Have your say and vote today!

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