How should Haralson County household and commercial waste be managed over the coming decades?

With current technologies and markets, up to 80% of the waste we now landfill could be turned into jobs to create a healthier economy by maximizing recycling, reuse, composting, and other processes.  These processes can be done in a way that cause little harm to Haralson County residents.

Another option is a massive 300-acre landfill proposed for a 2,000-acre site in Haralson County by a company known as Solid Solutions.  While this landfill may also offer economic benefits, it could cause long-term harm to one in twenty Haralson County homes.

Determining which path is best for Haralson County residents, including those living in Bremen, Buchanan, Tallapoosa and Waco, is a complex question.  Georgia counties and cities are required to answer this question through a ten-year solid waste plan.  The current Haralson County Solid Waste Plan is out-of-date and is based on data and technology nearly 20 years old.

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* 1. Please add your name and contact information below to show your support for postponing major decisions, including the 300-acre proposed landfill, until a comprehensive assessment of all responsible solid waste management options is completed. Your contact information allows us to let you know of our progress in ensuring Haralson County turns waste into wealth without jeopardizing the homes of one in 20 county residents.

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* 2. Please share your concerns and any other reasons why you signed this petition.  This explanation will allow elected officials and other decision-makers to better understand which sold waste management path is best.