Gukalout Trust Survey

Dear Member,

We are planning for the future by creating a Trust Fund that will serve our future generations.  We would like your feedback so that our Trust Fund will reflect the needs of our community. 

A Trust is a legal agreement that will last 80 years (according to British Columbia Trust law), will hold specific funds for the benefit of HN members, and will be managed by Trustees. The Trust will be designed to release funds only for specific purposes.  An Administrative Trustee will be hired to help the Trustees follow the Trust Agreement and understand their legal duties.  There are several First Nation communities in Canada that have invested funds into a Trust that has now grown much larger to benefit the community.

By setting aside the funds into a Trust, we are showing you that we want the funds to last for as long as possible.  Please fill in the survey provided.  

Haisla Nation Council

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