Digital UPass (HotSpot App Based Bus Pass)

Fredericton Transit has moved to a digital, or Smartphone-based ticketing system as part of its Strategic Plan. UNBGSA and Fredericton Transit have partnered with HotSpot solutions to provide a Digital Bus Pass to the Graduate Students at UNB.

All full-time UNB Graduate students are automatically charged the fee for the GSA bus pass.  Students will see the fee on their UNB e-services financial statement as 155.00 for 2020-21. 

Part-time or Co-op/visiting/exchange students may purchase the bus pass by arrangement with the GSA Office, please email

*Check your UNB financial statement (GSA Bus pass $155) to determine student status if needed.

Please note that upon registering to receive the bus pass, the bus pass fee will remain on (or be charged to) your UNB account. This is irreversible and there are no exceptions, even if you change your student status later in the year.

The Bus Pass will only be valid and operational from September 1, 2020, to August 31, 2021. 

Please expect a delay (weekends, evenings, holidays) between registering in the Survey Monkey link and HotSpotApp functionality as information needs to be verified and the updated before activation.

2019-20 bus pass holders, if you are currently a graduate student who uses the pass and you do not want to experience a service interruption on September 1, please register with your valid information as soon as possible. 

The Bus Pass fee will include the service cost of the app for the usage of Transit only.  It will not cover the cost of the service for parking in the city or on campus.

The digital bus pass will be available on the HotSpot App (available on both Android and iOS). To download the HotSpot App, please visit and register at  Students can register for the Digital Upass on the HotSpot website but will need the app activated to use the Upass.

HotSpot validates your identity through your mobile phone. The Bus Pass will be valid for one mobile device per student ID. If you switch your phone anytime during the year, please contact HotSpot support to validate your new device.

For any App related support or technical issues, please contact HotSpot at or 1-855-712-5888.

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