Introduction & Geographic Boundaries

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Survey Introduction
The Phinney Neigborhood Association (PNA) received a grant through the City of Seattle Office of Economic Development’s Only in Seattle Initiative, which empowers neighborhood business districts to organize around a common vision and attract investment. The goal of the grant is to assess the state of the Greenwood and Phinney business community and determine next steps to make our business community more cohesive, balanced and thriving. This information-gathering phase of the project will determine what steps the community can take. Your feedback and responses are important to identify issues and prioritize outcomes. Please take 5 minutes to answer the following questions.

The Greenwood/Phinney Ridge Business District runs the length of Phinney Avenue North and Greenwood Avenue North, from North 50th Street to North 97th Street. Additionally, it includes businesses along North and NW 85th Street, from 8th Avenue NW (western boundary) to Fremont Avenue North (eastern boundary), and businesses on North and NW 65th Street from 8th Avenue NW (western boundary) to Phinney Ave N (eastern boundary). This can be seen on the map below.