Introduction to the questionnaire

GreenChoices has developed an eligibility questionnaire to assist patients determine their potential eligibility for medicinal cannabis treatment in Australia.
Before taking the questionnaire please note the following:

  • All content on the GreenChoices website and associated portals, web-pages and links, is for informational purposes only and has been prepared based on GreenChoice's understanding of the legislation, guidelines and cannabis industry experience in Australia. However, these circumstances may change and patients are recommended to check this site regularly for updates.
  • The content on the GreenChoices website is not intended to be a substitute for (a) professional medical diagnosis, treatment or advice, including in relation to eligibility requirements; (b) professional legal advice or guidance on legal or regulatory issues; or (c) information from manufacturers or suppliers in relation to different products or specific product information.
  • We recommend you always seek the advice of your physician or qualified health provider and other relevant professionals, in relation to such matters.

Let's begin the questionnaire!