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About the 2018 survey
The 2018 Grants in Australia Survey is designed to help us develop a snapshot of grantmaking in Australia, to examine developing trends in the field, and to inspire and enable more successful grantseeking and better grantmaking.

The survey will take around 15 minutes. It closes at midnight on Monday, May 7, 2018. 
The survey is open to representatives of any organisation that has applied for a grant in the past year (ideally, just one respondent per organisation, please). Grantseeking consultants are encouraged to participate.
Anyone completing this survey should have a thorough understanding of their organisation's grantseeking activities - including both successful and unsuccessful applications.
If you apply for grants for more than one organisation, please just use one of those organisations in formulating your responses.

Grants in Australia 2018 prizes

The prizes 
In February, March and April we'll select the best response for that month to the fourth last question of this survey (the question is marked in red, on the last page of the survey) to receive a $300 Our Community not-for-profit kit comprising:
> a year’s membership to the Institute of Community Directors Australia (ICDA), worth $65
> a year’s subscription to the Funding Centre (including access to the grants database), worth $85, and;
> a $150 book bundle for your community group
The author of the overall best response to the fourth last question of this survey (marked in red, on the last page of the survey) will win a 64GB 10.5" Apple iPad Pro (RRP $979).

Winners will be notified by email, with names published in Our Community Matters

Protecting your privacy
All information will remain strictly confidential and you should feel free to skip non-compulsory questions if you wish. Compulsory questions will be marked by an asterisk (*).  
We will protect your data from identification. Your email address, if supplied, will be used only to communicate with you to let you know you have won a prize, or to ask some follow-up questions (if you've given express permission for us to contact you for that purpose), or to supply you with your benchmarking report (see below). 

We may wish to publish some responses (in full or in part) in our survey report or in other formats. If we do reproduce one of your responses, we'll ensure that neither you nor your organisation is able to be identified. 
Benchmarking report
This year we plan to send each survey respondent benchmark data that reveals how well you’ve performed in your grantseeking when compared with your peers. We expect to send this to the email address you’ve provided at about the same time we launch the final report, which is due in late August.