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Program Analysis Background

The Village of Glencoe is continuing a comprehensive analysis of the current Garbage Collection Program. The initial phase of this study was the development of a cost analysis and service delivery review which was originally presented to the Village Board in November 2016. The complete Garbage Collection Analysis is available on the Village’s website for your review. Since that time, the Village Board has directed staff to continue to analyze options while also engaging the community to better understand service level expectations today and into the future. While the in-house model of service delivery has been an effective means of providing this service for many years, the Village is continually looking to new ways to provide the best quality services to our residents in the most cost effective manner possible. 

Your feedback will be used to assist the Village in reviewing alternatives to the current service model, helping to determine whether alternatives, such as a private garbage hauler, should be considered. Additionally, your responses will be used to guide decisions on what services should be offered into the future.

Survey Instructions

We ask that only one adult per household complete this survey. Should you require a paper version of this survey, call (847) 835-4111 or visit Village Hall at 675 Village Court. Questions may be directed to Adam Hall, Management Analyst at or (847) 461-1115. Note that while addresses will be collected for data analysis purposes, all answers will remain anonymous.