Survey Background

COVID-19: Continuing & Growing Impact
Each day, the effects of COVID-19 spread wider and hit deeper, impacting businesses and the workplace in innumerable ways. Many small business owners and their employees have been especially affected.

The Charlotte Small Business Coalition: Unifying & Amplifying
With the urgency brought on by COVID-19, the Charlotte Small Business Coalition (CSBC) is being created to reflect and represent area businesses with fewer than 50 employees — including those who are self-employed. As a coalition, the CSBC will further unify the many member organizations serving Charlotte area businesses. And by focusing on the needs and strengths of small businesses, the CSBC will amplify the collective voices of those in the coalition.

This Survey: Engaging & Identifying Opportunities and Obstacles
We want to make sure that the CSBC participates in the region's decision-making processes. The stronger our voices are, the stronger our leadership will be. By sharing your perspectives and insights, you will help us help you and your peers. This survey is an early step toward ensuring that policies affecting small businesses capitalize on opportunities and mitigate obstacles. 

We appreciate your participating in this 12-question survey!
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