The Getty is currently doing advanced planning for changes to the Vocabularies LOD implementation.  We are very interested in learning how people and organizations use the site.  Please take this survey and let us know what features are important to you as we consider the future architecture.

* 1. Which Getty Vocabularies do you use? Select all that apply.

* 2. How do you use the Getty Vocabularies?  Select all that apply

* 3. If you import full datasets of the Getty Vocabularies which format(s) do you prefer?

* 4. If you use the Getty Vocabularies as LOD in an application or service, please provide a brief description and/or URL

* 5. If you use the Getty Vocabularies LOD SPARQL endpoint, please rate the following:

  not useful useful somewhat useful very useful N/A
Sample Queries
Ability to toggle between LOD and human-readable sites
Text search
Full dataset downloads

* 6. Do you use the LOD SPARQL endpoint in an application in real time?

* 7. Which of the LOD formats / serializations do you use?  Select all that apply

* 8. What other formats would you use if they were available and why?

* 9. How will changes to the ontology mapping or LOD site ( impact your work?

* 10. If you have used the Getty Vocabularies LOD Community Support Forum, have you found it helpful?

* 11. Is there anything else you would like to share about using the Getty Vocabularies as LOD?

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