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Getting started

Dear Educator,

Thank you for participating in this survey about how American teachers teach about genocide and human rights. The information you provide is of tremendous value.

The survey is designed primarily with check boxes and drop-down menus and should take only a few minutes of your valuable time, depending on how many distinct acts of genocide you teach about. Please take the survey once, and please feel free to forward it to any other teachers you know.

This study is a variation of one conducted by the same researcher in 2015, and again in 2019. The data collected is anonymous, and will inform publications and practice in the field of Holocaust and genocide education. Your contribution is deeply appreciated.

In gratitude,

The Researcher

Question Title

* 2. In what subject area(s) do you teach about genocide and/or human rights?

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* 3. What grade level(s) do you teach?

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* 4. How would you describe the school where you teach?

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* 5. Where do you go to get lessons about the Holocaust and genocide? (Please check all that apply.)

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* 6. When teaching about genocide and human rights abuses, what factors influence your teaching?

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* 7. Which topics do you teach about (check all that apply)
Please Note: There will be space to enter additional topics not listed below at the end of the survey.

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