1. Genoa 2017 Community Survey

100% of survey complete.

The Genoa Community Development Association, in partnership with the Northeast Nebraska Economic Development District, is starting a Community outreach effort. The first step will be asking for citizen input through Community Surveys. The Community survey will be tabulated by the Genoa Community Development Association to get an overall sense of which upgrades and improvements are most desired within the community. When the Community survey has been tabulated and analyzed, the information will be utilized for community planning and future grant applications for community improvements. The results will help determine what will be priority when making improvements to our community.

Community surveys can be completed by visiting https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/genoa2017 or paper surveys can be dropped off at the City of Genoa office at 107 Walnut Street or  mailed to the City of Genoa, PO Box 279, Genoa, NE 68640 prior to October 16, 2017. 

* 1. Rate the basic City services in the community.

  1 (Poor) 2 3 (Average) 4 5 (Excellent) No Opinion
Street conditions throughout the community
Street maintenance throughout the community
Fire and Rescue services
Garbage collection
Water Quality
Natural Gas
Water/Wastewater Infrastructure
Recreation Facilities
Recreation Programs
Community’s Planning and Zoning Ordinances

* 2. Rate the technology services of the community.

  1 (Poor) 2 3 (Average) 4 5 (Excellent) No Opinion
Internet availability
Internet speed
Internet consistency
Land-line telephone service
Wireless & Cell Phone service
Cable television

* 3. Rate the following businesses and services as to quality and/or availability.

  1 (Poor) 2 3 (Average) 4 5 (Excellent) Available in Region
Accounting & Bookkeeping
Attorney & Legal
Auto & Machine Repair
Banking & Financial
Beautician & Hair Salon
Child Care
Computer Sales and Service
Conference & Community Meeting Facilities
Farmers Market
Food & Dining
Heating & AC Installation and Repair
Hotels & Lodging
Independent Living for Seniors
Medical clinics & Doctors
Nursing Home Facilities
Printing & Copy
Senior Center Facilities
Specialized Medical Care

* 4. How old are you?

* 5. Is there a need to address or a concern regarding any of the following?

  1 (no concerns) 2 3 (moderate) 4 5 (major concerns)
Access to higher education opportunities
Adequate, quality housing
Animal Control
Business succession plans
Child care facilities
Community Website
Comprehensive community plan for future
Demolition of dilapidated Commercial or Industrial sites
Demolition of dilapidated houses
Developing renewable energy resources
Elderly care facilities
Energy conservation
Health & mental care facilities
Land acquistion for further residential/business development
Local Economic Development Committee/Organization
Local law enforcement
Maintaining quality K-12 schools systems
Meals on Wheels
Quality of employment opportunities
Recruiting and training emergency volunteers
Safe drinking water
Technology infrastructure
Upgrading community infrastructure
Workforce housing

* 6. Are you concerned about maintaining historic integrity in the downtown district?

* 7. Would you like to see the city pursuing downtown revitalization and infrastructure?

* 8. Rate the Downtown Business area.

  1 (poor) 2 3 (average) 4 5 (excellent) No Opinion
Condition of the sidewalks
Handicap accessibility
Street conditions
Street functionality
Street maintenance
Storm water drainage
Lighting system
Vacant commercial buildings condition
Visual appearance of downtown area
Condition of the downtown buildings

* 9. Do you own or rent your home?

* 10. Would you like to see additional housing or apartments?

* 11. If you rent, why do you choose to rent?

* 12. Rate the following housing problems as they apply on a scale of 1-5 with 1 being not a problem, and 5 being a major problem.

  1 (not) 2 3 (moderate) 4 5 (major) N/A
Absentee rental property owners
Adequate existing affordable homes for sale
Adequate new construction affordable homes for sale
Adequate higher-end homes for sale
Adequate affordable rental units
Adequate housing for elderly
Adequate subsidized rental housing
Adequate assisted living housing
Poor, dilapidated housing
Vacant/abandoned housing

* 13. If you purchased your home in the last 5 years, did you (check all that apply)

* 14. Rate the residential areas.

  1 (Poor) 2 3 (Average) 4 5 (Excellent) N/A
Overnight parking restrictions
Property upkeep and rehab
Street lighting
Street conditions
Storm water drainage
Street maintenance
Visual appearance

* 15. Rate the following priorities as they apply using 1-5 with 1 being not a priority, and 5 being the highest priority.

  1 (not) 2 3 (moderate) 4 5 (highest) N/A
Amenities, such as parks and trails
Business recruitment, retainment and expansion
Clearing dilapidated buildings
Owner occupied housing rehabilitation
Housing development
Storm water drainage
Street repair (residential)
Street repair (downtown)
Utility Infrastructure expansion and/or upgrades

* 16. Regarding the future economic growth, our efforts would be best spent: (use scale 1-5 with 1 as no priority, and 5 the highest priority)

  1 (none) 2 3 (moderate) 4 5 (highest) N/A
Attract new industry
Attract new retail business
Attract new service business
Build more apartments
Build more homes for rent
Build more homes for sale
Development of Industrial Tract
Improve appearance of commercial areas
Support and expand existing business and industry
Utility Infrastructure expansion and/or upgrades
Development of a New Library

* 17. State what you think should be the top three priorities for the community.

* 18. Rate the condition of the below items.

  1 (Poor) 2 3 (Average) 4 5 (Excellent) N/A
Baseball/Softball fields
Camping area
City Auditorium Building