Genesee County is preparing a Housing Needs Assessment and Market Analysis to understand how to provide suitable housing in the future. We need your help in developing the plan, and this survey will provide us with information we can share with communities, organizations and housing developers. Thank you for your time and guidance. For questions about this initiative, contact Felipe Oltramari ( or Ed Flynn ( Surveys need to be submitted by July 31, 2017.

Which municipality is your home located in? Check only one

Which housing type do you live in? Check only one

How many bedrooms does your home or rental have? Check only one

What is your current housing situation? Check only one

  If owner occupier, do you sublease a portion of your home?

When was your house or apartment built? Check only one

What is the current condition of your home/apartment? Check only one

Which type(s) of home/apartment repairs are required? Check all that apply

In order for someone who has physical challenges in getting around (cane, walker, wheelchair, hearing/vision problems, etc.) to live in or regularly visit your home, which changes would need to be made? Check all that apply

Does your home have access to the following infrastructure? Check all that apply

How many people are in your household? (Enter the number of individuals)

How many people in each of these age groups live in your home? (Enter the number of individuals)

Which of the following categories best represents your current household situation? Check all that apply

What is your pre-tax annual household income? Check only one

Do you wish to move to a different home in the next 5 years or sooner? If no, skip the next question. If yes, check all the types of housing you are considering.

Why do you wish to move to a different home? Check all that apply

Which types of features are important for housing in Genesee County? Rate all that apply

Open Space/Parks
Trails (bike/walking)
Health Care Facilities
Senior Services
Retail and Restaurants
Low Crime Rates
Public Transportation
Public Water
Public Sewer
Wheelchair, walker, cane, etc.-friendly
Downtown/Historic Commercial Center

If planning to buy a home, what is the price range you could afford? Check only one

If planning to rent, what is the monthly payment you could afford? Check only one

How much of your income do you use for housing costs (mortgage/rent and utilities plus taxes? (Example, monthly income is $1,800/month and housing costs noted above are $550, your response would be “less than 30%”)  Check only one