Welcome to the public engagement for the Draft Conservation Plan for Grizzly Bears in Yukon!

About the Plan:

The Government of Yukon and the Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board are pleased to announce the release of the Draft version of “A Conservation Plan for Grizzly Bears (Ursus arctos) in Yukon”. This is the first territory-wide comprehensive conservation plan for grizzly bears in Yukon. The Plan is the fruit of a long process of information gathering and reflection about grizzly bears with First Nations and Inuvialuit in Yukon and in transboundary regions, Renewable Resources Councils, various organizations and wildlife management boards & councils, and the public across the territory.  The Plan presents a 25-year vision for grizzly bears in Yukon, where healthy and viable grizzly bear populations remain throughout their natural range in Yukon, for future generations of people and bears.

More information about the plan is available on the Board's website, and Engage Yukon.

For a PDF copy of the plan, please click HERE.

About the Public Engagement:

The draft plan is now subject to review. This survey is part of the public engagement being led by the Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board. There is also the opportunity to provide your feedback through a community meeting - if you would like to set up a meeting in your community, please contact executivedirector@yfwmb.ca. Feedback received during the public engagement period will be reviewed by the Yukon Fish and WIldlife Management Board and will contribute to the recommendation on the Plan provided to the Yukon's Minister of Environment.

This public engagement survey is open from October 03 to December 03, 2018 (60 days).

Please provide any and all comments you have regarding the draft Grizzly Bear Plan - the Board encourages Yukoners to make your voice heard. The Board and Yukon Government would like to thank all the participants who have provided their input and knowledge in this planning process to date.

Note: Responses received in this public engagement will be kept individual and confidential. This form is not being distributed as a random sample survey, and as such results are not meant to be representative of Yukoners generally. In addition to the public engagement, the Yukon government will be undertaking formal government-to-government consultation with First Nation and Inuvialuit governments.

If you have any questions about the Draft Plan or the public engagement process, please contact the Board at executivedirector@yfwmb.ca
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