Welcome to the WSC of the Future Brainstorming survey, which will be available until 31 January 2022. Conference participants have made a number of unprecedented decisions about the WSC itself recently. As a result, we are currently in the first ever three-year conference cycle and preparing for the second ever virtual (interim) WSC meeting. This cycle has been created in pieces and in response to a crisis. What happens to the conference after 2023 is an open question—a number of questions, actually.

The World Board is using these questions as simply a place to start collecting ideas to forward this ongoing discussion. We hope to use the next nine months to explore viable options and ideas for the future together with other CPs, in the hopes that participants will begin to develop consensus around some ideas, leading up to the 2023 CAR. Issues such as term lengths for trusted servants, the schedule of the WSC and WCNA not overlapping, and other concerns will need to be addressed once CPs establish a direction for the future.

We are seeking to begin to build on what we have learned in the pandemic to create a new future for the WSC.

We also acknowledge that other discussions about the WSC are also needed but are not addressed here. Those include the ever growing number of seated participants at the WSC and the lack of seating criteria. We are starting with this format for now; When, How, Who, and What.