Dear Ultimate Supporter –

Last year, USA Ultimate gathered input from a variety of sources, including members of the ultimate community like yourself, on key priorities for our next strategic plan. From that feedback, 10 areas of focus were identified. Now we want to learn how you view these areas’ relative importance, get your feedback on some current ideas and see what other big thoughts you might have that could positively impact our sport’s future if implemented.

In addition to better understanding how the ultimate community perceives these strategic priorities, we would also like to know what your long-term vision is for ultimate, particularly in the context of our mission’s three core components: character, community and competition.
Please keep in mind that while you will focus more intensely on a few specific areas during this survey, you will have an opportunity to provide feedback on all 10 focus areas using comment boxes at the end of the survey.

We will use this information to help us develop our next strategic plan. The plan will span three years (2019-21) and will be unveiled at ultimate’s 50th Anniversary Reunion and Celebration this fall in San Diego.

This survey should take about 15-25 minutes to complete and all responses are anonymous.

As a token of our appreciation for your participation, you will be offered a chance to win some cool prizes at the end of the survey. If you choose to enter, please know that we will need some contact information from you in order to award you a prize. The entry form is completely separate from the strategic planning survey, and personal information supplied will in no way be linked to your responses.

Thanks in advance for your participation. Your input is extremely valuable!