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Metro Transit is planning the sequence of the next lines in the bus rapid transit network. Bus rapid transit is a special type of service that provides frequent service, faster trips, and more amenities at stations.

In September we asked the public to tell us their top priorities from the potential BRT corridors and which of these principles are most important when evaluating them: 
  • Advance equity
  • Grow ridership
  • Support a transit-oriented lifestyle
  • Ensure the long-term sustainable growth of the bus network
In October, we developed concept plans to estimate costs, ridership, and other benefits. We evaluated these metrics using what we heard from the public, specifically that nearly half of respondents said advancing equity was their top priority. Based on that evaluation process, we’ve grouped the corridors into three tiers for nearterm, mid-term, and longer-term implementation. We are now asking the public to help us identify the F, G and H Lines from the corridors identified for near-term implementation. 

Please provide your feedback by completing this 5-minute survey. 

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