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Dear Community Member,

Thank you for your interest in sponsorship by the Fresno Unified School District. Every day, we work to positively impact the lives of the almost 74,000 valley children we serve. We believe that every child, no matter his or her circumstances or abilities, must have access to a quality education in order to thrive. Through our departments and services, we support strong academic programs, career and technical education and the arts.

Fresno Unified sponsors events and programs that reflect the District mission in Preparing Career Ready Graduates. In order to be considered for sponsorship, your event/project must align with our District Goals:  
  1. All students will excel in reading, writing, and math
  2. All students will engage in arts, activities, and athletics
  3. All students will demonstrate the character and competencies for workplace success
  4. All students will stay in school on target to graduate
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