Feedback or Funny Stories

OK. This is simple. Give me honest feedback about the GiggleMed sites and services... Or, tell me a funny story... Or, both.

After you are done, you will be directed to a page where you can download GiggleMed's Impaction Manual - 25 Things You Never Want to Hear During a Disimpaction.

If you tell a story, indicate your city/state/country. If you give me feedback, include your initials or name or whatever you want for how your name would appear if I show someone what you had to say about my stuff. Leave 'em blank if you want.

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1. Give me feedback or tell me a funny healthcare story.

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2. If you left feedback, then give me your name or initials as you would want them to appear if I used your comments on the site as a testimonial.

Ex. Janie, respiratory therapist
Ex. John Smith, MD
Ex. J.S., ER doc

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3. Give me more feedback or tell me another funny story.